Your Complete SEO Training Experience

SEO is done when Google stops changing things and all of your competition is dead.

That is also when SEO training ends. Until then, the constant changes require constant training.

Imagine a program with access to up-to-date training by experts you know and trust, with interactive Q&A sessions, additional courses, e-books and other resources, plus access to many more events and webinars all to keep your training up to date.

Constant guided and advanced training for members — always.

"SEO Training is not a once and done anymore. If you are not involved in, then you may soon be out of date. Your company and your career depend upon this program. For the cost of one good training class, we offer you a year-long constant-on program — who wouldn't do it?"
– Bruce Clay

That's why we created this comprehensive training and membership program: to give you everything you need to succeed in SEO and keep succeeding long term.

The Bruce Clay SEO Training is the gold standard in search engine optimization courses. Thousands of marketers around the world have learned SEO from Bruce Clay's in-person classes. Having this training available online means you can now take this top-tier course wherever you are, on your own schedule. Better still, we've added many extra resources for members to extend the learning.

And satisfaction is GUARANTEED.

Our SEO training is rated  4.7 out of 5 based on 298 reviews.

Online SEO Training Screen

What You'll Learn

The Bruce Clay SEO Training course is the heart of this membership program. With more than 15 hours of instruction, this course is eye-opening for students at every level. Here’s what you’ll learn.

Module 1
The Importance of SEO
Module 2
SEO Concepts
Module 3
Meet the Search Engines
Module 4
Website Anatomy
Module 5
Search Now & In the Future
Module 6
Content for SEO
Module 7
Mobile SEO & Page Experience
Module 8
Local Search
Module 9
Linking Strategies
Module 10
Siloing Concepts
Module 11
Technical SEO
Module 12
Best Practices

What Your All-Inclusive Membership Includes

Signing up for gives you access to ALL of this for an entire year.

Bruce Clay SEO Training: This is the complete course in an updated, online format. You get more than 15 hours of instruction in 48 professionally produced, green screen-style videos with Bruce Clay as your instructor. Course content is organized into 12 modules that build your understanding layer upon layer.

Access to Training Materials: You can access PDFs of all the training slides and take notes as you go.

FAQ videos: After each training module, you can watch a video conversation that answers common questions about the material you just covered in that section.

Live Q&A sessions with Bruce Clay and staff: Bring your SEO questions directly to Bruce in a live Q&A session! These virtual events will be scheduled monthly and also recorded, for members only.

Ask-us-anything (AUA) videos: members can also access brief AUA videos. These focus on answering specific questions in SEO and get to the point in about 3 minutes.

E-books and other resources: You’ll have access to multiple e-books that give you in-depth explanations, research, and more on important issues in search engine optimization. Created by the team at Bruce Clay Inc., these resources are meant to arm you with in-depth knowledge on key subjects that you’ll refer to again and again.

Mini-courses: You can also view mini-courses available only to members. Each engaging video mini-course takes a deep dive into a special topic of interest, such as siloing.

Discussion forum: A members-only discussion forum gives you a way to post questions, get answers, discuss topics, and interact with other participants if desired. And those in the forum are others getting trained in our methods, true practicing SEOs.

SEOToolSet® tools: Your membership includes a subscription to the SEOToolSet. This set of advanced SEO tools includes our popular Single Page Analyzer, keyword analysis tools, site analysis tools, diagnostic tools, our Ranking Monitor, and more, and for those on a WordPress site, the integrated Bruce Clay SEO plugin.

Best Part: You Can Go at Your Own Pace

Perhaps the biggest benefit of taking Bruce Clay SEO Training online is that you can learn at your own pace. Start and stop as you like. The course keeps track of your progress so you can resume wherever you left off.

You can also review lessons as many times as needed. Watch a lesson once at normal speed, then play it again faster if you want to review. There’s no more brain overload — you get to control your own SEO education!

Your subscription to the Bruce Clay SEO Training online lets you repeatedly access the complete course, plus so much more, for an entire year. And as we update the training sessions, you’ll be notified so you can view the new material and stay current.

No matter what your current SEO level, this course will open your eyes and ground you in effective, proven methods you need to know in order to rank.

Need More Reasons to Sign Up?

You may need help getting budget approval for signing up. So here are a few reasons this is the right investment in your SEO education:

  1. It keeps you up to date like no other program. This isn’t just a one-time course. Lessons and resources will be continually updated to make sure your SEO knowledge and skills stay current. And you will have continued access to refer back to any lesson, any time, throughout your membership.
  2. You get more than just facts. This program doesn’t leave you on your own to figure out how to apply information. Unlike with a regular online course, members can ask questions! You have ongoing opportunities for discussion in the forum, by asking support, and at the monthly live Q&A sessions with Bruce Clay and staff.
  3. You get tools. Your membership includes use of the advanced SEOToolSet® for up to three website projects, a $897/year added value.
  4. The price is less than an in-person event. Back before Covid hit, we used to charge a lot more than the annual membership fee for attending a 4.5-day Bruce Clay SEO Training class. An membership gives you all that training without the cost of airfare, hotel, meals and other travel expenses. Plus, it’s good for a whole year or as long as you keep your membership.

Register Now for the Full SEO Training Experience

The price for a full year's membership is $1,495
Only $125/month prepaid annually for continual, top-shelf training!


  • Bruce Clay SEO Training
  • Access PDF of the training slides
  • FAQ Videos
  • Live monthly Q&A sessions
  • Ask-us-anything videos
  • Ebooks
  • Deep-dive mini-courses
  • Discussion forum
  • SEOToolSet® tools
  • $1,495.00 / year

    Yearly Payment — Best Value!

  • $395.00 / 3 months

    Quarterly Payment

  • $149.00 / month

    Monthly Payment


Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Have questions? Please read our FAQs below, but if you still need to talk to us, we're happy to help! You can contact us by email at


  • Do you guarantee that taking this training will give me what I need to make my website rank?

    There are no guarantees with SEO in general, and we cannot guarantee that any particular website will achieve organic search engine rankings. We cannot ensure that a website can be optimized, nor that training students will apply what they have learned or do so correctly.

    Many who have taken Bruce Clay's SEO training swear by it. But your mileage may vary. Our Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to try out for up to 15 days risk free so you can see whether this program will work for you (see the FAQ “Can I cancel my membership at any time?” for details).

  • How does membership help my career? membership gives you the tools you need to become an SEO expert and take your career to the next level. If you are an SEO, Bruce Clay’s training will increase your knowledge and strengthen your strategic skills. For non-SEOs, learning SEO best practices will make you a successful and highly valuable team member.

  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?

    You may cancel your membership at any time. Full refunds will be given if you cancel within 15 days according to our Satisfaction Guarantee:

    A subscriber may cancel their subscription to at any time. Full refunds are given only if 1) the subscriber cancels within 15 days of registering, and 2) the subscriber has accessed less than half of the Bruce Clay SEO Training course. To cancel, the subscriber must notify Bruce Clay Inc. by email request to

  • Is membership on an individual basis? membership is per individual and not transferable. If multiple people from the same company or organization want to take the course, a group discount can be arranged. Please ask about this by emailing us at

  • Who do I contact for support if I have issues accessing the site?

    Send an email to if you have any problems accessing or using the site.

  • Are discounts available?

    Discounts are available for group memberships. If you would like to register multiple people from the same company or organization, contact us about arranging a special discount by emailing

  • What happens at the end of my 12-month subscription?

    No action is needed to renew your subscription. It will automatically renew unless you choose to cancel. We will send a reminder to your email address on file near the end of your subscription term, then your membership will auto-renew for another 12 months at the same rate (even if the then-current rate is higher). If you do not wish to renew your subscription, please notify any time before the end of your subscription period, or no later than 15 days after renewal to obtain a refund of the renewal fees.

  • How do I access membership features?

    After you register, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions to access using your email address and a password you create. Your membership dashboard is where you will have unlimited access to the SEO training course, deep-dive mini-courses and all the other resources.

  • What is included with the SEOToolSet subscription?

    Members get a subscription to the SEOToolSet® for one website project as long as their membership is active. That is a $299 per year value. These advanced tools and reports help you manage your SEO projects. Tools include: a Ranking Monitor, Single Page Analyzer, site crawler for diagnosing technical issues with your site, and many more. This also includes the integrated Bruce Clay SEO WP plugin for sites on WordPress. After you register for your membership, you’ll receive an email giving you instructions to access your SEOToolSet account, and subsequent emails will offer help getting started with the tools.