A Complete SEO Training Experience

With millions of websites competing for the top spots in Google, how do you stand out? To improve your sales and revenue online, you need to increase your visibility. And the fundamental way to increase your site’s ranking in search is SEO.

With search engine optimization, you can bring people to your website from Google organically, without paying for ads! SEO encompasses all of what makes a website succeed, from content to code, and from user experience to server expertise. But it takes training in SEO to provide a solid foundation for any digital marketer.

That’s why, if you want to give your website a competitive edge, you need to learn from world-renowned expert and the “Father of SEO” himself, Bruce Clay.

Set Yourself Apart with Expert SEO Training

This is the renowned course that thousands have taken in a classroom environment, now updated and reformatted to fit the screen. More than 5,000 marketers have learned search engine optimization directly from Bruce Clay through his SEO training classes.

Now for the first time, Bruce Clay SEO Training is available online — and part of a complete membership program.

Succeed with In-Depth and Ongoing Training

  • SEO Training at Your Speed

    You’ll be able to access the full online Bruce Clay SEO Training course for a year. Go at your own pace, review sections as needed, and apply what you’ve learned step by step. You’ll also get updates and new lessons as they become available so you can always stay current.

  • Live Q&As with Bruce

    Bring your SEO questions to a live Q&A session to get answers directly from Bruce Clay! Members only will be invited to these live sessions that will be scheduled monthly. These live Q&As clearly set this subscription-based training apart from other online offerings.

  • In-Depth Resources

    Your membership includes many resources to help you master SEO. Short ask-us-anything videos answer common questions, while mini-courses explain important techniques like siloing. Ebooks cover topics in depth. And the SEOToolSet® lets you use advanced SEO tools.

Learn from the Father of SEO

"With SEOtraining.com, we are really upgrading what people know and love as ‘online training.’ This is a comprehensive SEO training membership experience."
— Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay founded Bruce Clay Inc. in January 1996, almost three years before Google. One of the earliest innovators in helping websites rank in search engines, Bruce Clay also believed in giving away information freely and educating others. By helping to establish this new industry, which he is credited as naming “search engine optimization,” he is often referred to as the Father of SEO.
Bruce Clay

What Members Are Saying

Goran Maurac — Zagreb, Croatia

"Before this course, as a CRO consultant, I thought having a good grasp of SEO — what a foolish idea. Thanks for the most unbiased, educational and actionable SEO insights. It was fun, too! :)"

George — Woodbourne, NY

“In the short time that I have been a member, I have found the training resources to be very helpful and relevant to my current SEO situations and questions that I have.”

Paul — Bend, OR

“Unlike other agencies, Bruce Clay emphasizes education. I have taken his class a few times and I just signed up for the online class. Taking Bruce’s SEO training course gave me a solid understanding of how to do SEO right, and the learning continues. Now I can handle many SEO tasks on my own. In a word, I’m a fan!”

Robby — Paragould, AR

“Mr. Clay presents the materials as only someone with a complete grasp of the subject matter and its potential can. Difficult concepts and techniques are presented in ways that even the lowest luddite can grasp. We are absolutely going to benefit from this course and the tools.”

Jonathan — Kennesaw, GA

“SEO seems complicated from the outside, but this helped make it make sense by bringing the ideas all together.”

Chelsea — Elkhart, IN

“I felt like Bruce clearly showed himself as a knowledge leader and a teacher. His instruction was clear, helpful, and overall engaging.”

Chris — Kennesaw, GA

Topics were discussed that opened up great discussion within our web development team. Very open-ended ideas led to good brainstorming and thinking about the current state of search and the web, as well as speculating on where we are heading and how to plan for that.