How to cope with shrinking
staff and budget

Wednesday, August 24th, 2022
10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 5 pm GMT

Presented by Bruce Clay,
Founder of BCI and the
"Father of SEO"

Bruce Clay is hosting a FREE live webinar to teach you how to utilize SEO to survive — and thrive — during a recession.

Can you succeed with shrinking staff and budget?

The question isn’t if a recession will hit, but when. It’s not like we haven’t seen this before. But how prepared are you for an economic slowdown?

Companies deal with downturns in different ways ...

Many react by slashing resources. They cut budgets and staff — especially in the marketing department.

Others look at things a little bit differently. They do more than just try to survive in the short term. They consider: what marketing activities will position our business to thrive in the long run? Then they double-down on those.

As a business owner himself, industry pioneer Bruce Clay knows what it takes to survive — and thrive — during a recession. He has developed proven SEO strategies that can save your business when times get tough.

Register now to learn:

  • How SEO can help recession-proof your company and even put you ahead of your competition
  • How to shift your focus and implement new SEO strategies that will succeed
  • How to maintain (and improve) online visibility when you have less resources
  • How to double down on SEO efforts to maximize your results in uncertain times

Whether you’re an SEO, CMO, executive or business owner, Bruce’s expert advice will help deliver results no matter what the market conditions are.

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Meet Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay has been helping people drive traffic to their websites for over 26 years.

An SEO industry pioneer, Bruce Clay founded global digital marketing optimization firm Bruce Clay Inc. in 1996, which now has offices around the globe. He authored the book “Search Engine Optimization All-In-One For Dummies,” now in its fourth edition, and “Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals.” He wrote the first webpage-analysis tool, created the Search Engine Relationship Chart®, is credited with coining the term search engine optimization and is considered to be the “Father of SEO.”
Bruce Clay


"Mr. Clay presents the materials as only someone with a complete grasp of the subject matter and its potential can. Difficult concepts and techniques are presented in ways that even the lowest luddite can grasp. We are absolutely going to benefit from this course and the tools."

Paragould, AR

“Unlike other agencies, Bruce Clay emphasizes education. I have taken his class a few times and I just signed up for the online class. Taking Bruce’s SEO training course gave me a solid understanding of how to do SEO right, and the learning continues. Now I can handle many SEO tasks on my own. In a word, I’m a fan!”

Bend, OR

"Topics were discussed that opened up great discussion within our web development team. Very open-ended ideas led to good brainstorming and thinking about the current state of search and the web, as well as speculating on where we are heading and how to plan for that."

Kennesaw, GA