5 Takeaways From Google’s Explosive March Updates

5 Takeaways From Google's Explosive March Updates

Bruce Clay, BCI Founder and the “Father of SEO”

April 24, 2024 | Duration: 1:20

March 2024 was an explosive month for SEO.

Google created volatility in the search results by rolling out a significant core update, releasing a number of spam updates, issuing manual actions for spam policy violations AND updating their Core Web Vitals metrics.

The flurry of updates had a wide-ranging impact on websites — many were even de-indexed.

To help make sense of the updates, SEO expert Bruce Clay hosted a free live webinar titled 5 Takeaways From Google’s Explosive March Updates.

In the webinar, Bruce covered:

  • The impact of Google’s updates on SEO and what they mean for search going forward
  • How to recover from the updates if your site has been impacted
  • Actionable advice on how to adapt and prepare for any future update

The on-demand webinar is available to watch at any time.

0:00 – Greetings to attendees
02:09 – Introduction
06:15 – Start of Presentation
14:58 – Takeaway #1
18:30 – Takeaway #2
21:47 – Takeaway #3
22:37 – Takeaway #4
26:08 – Takeaway #5
32:29 –
47:57 – Q&A
1:17:21 – Wrap Up

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